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BLOG: Where We Work #IntegrityAnywhere

As of this writing, GCF is on its seventh week of flexible working arrangements as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IIU needed to embrace new ways of working and adapt rapidly to the changing situation.
In these photos, the IIU team shares a small window into our work life at home in keeping #IntegrityAnywhere.
Living rooms, kitchen counters, and coffee tables transform into work desks:

– EY's workspace


"I make sure my workspace is segregated mentally and physically from the rest of my apartment so that I can properly focus on work. Healthy snacks keep me refreshed and energised throughout the day."
– Helen

We look to ways on how to keep our minds healthy as we work:

'During the lockdown, I keep a Zen attitude while working from home."
– Sanjeev


– El Cid's inspiration - the view on his workspace

That would mean bringing in our favourite book, drink, or music to our breaktime.

"Bringing the office vibe to the comforts of home - it's #IntegrityAnywhere for the IIU! Armed with my usual latte and scribbles for the daily grind, of course! Plus I get to enjoy catching up with my leisurely reads during downtime."
– Raphael


– Albert's workspace during breaktime

Some found ways to connect more and stay together even when far away.

"I would go on video work/study sessions with friends to encourage each other and be productive."
– Matt
But for most of us, we just need a space with a hopeful view of better days.

– Evgeny's workspace

Even as we work from home across different timezones, the IIU remains open for business and its mandate is still being met with full operational capacity. We continue to bring #IntegrityAnywhere with our mission of advancing climate action.
Prepared by Matt Hebrona, Communications Intern