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[Thematic Brief] Civil Society Partnership: Integrity in Climate Action

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) employs a multi-stakeholder approach to promoting integrity and ensuring accountability across its portfolio of projects and programmes. The active engagement of diverse stakeholders is at the core of GCF as it works with a wide range of partners in the national,regional, and international levels. Effective participation by civil society in integrity advocacy and initiatives is critical for achieving inclusive and sustainable development. The Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) works with different stakeholders and recognises the strategic role of CSOs as important actors on the ground in monitoring and addressing integrity challenges in climate-financed projects.

Overarching Objectives of the Thematic Brief

• To enhance GCF collaboration with CSOs and strengthen the mechanisms for their active participation and coordination on the ground for effective and
efficient project outcomes;
• To encourage a framework of sustained engagement and coalition-building with civil society on integrity matters in climate-financed projects;
• To foster further discourse on and increased understanding of the role of civil society in advancing the agenda of anti-corruption and good governance in international climate finance; and
• To develop a strategic roadmap for IIU/civil society engagement in the long term by addressing key challenges and building on their strengths.

Cover Date: 15 November 2022         Document Type: Thematic Brief