Our work

Prevention and detection

To achieve GCF’s zero tolerance for Prohibited Practices, the IIU takes proactive measures to ensure that Prohibited Practices are prevented in Fund-related activities.​

Development and operationalisation of the integrity policy framework​

The IIU led the development of key integrity policies and standards as mandated by the GCF Board to mainstream integrity across all GCF-related activities. The IIU is responsible for advising and monitoring the effective implementation of these policies.

Integrity risk assessment and proactive review of the gcf projects and programs​

​The IIU conducts comprehensive integrity risk assessments aiming to rate organizational and operational (project-related) integrity risks

Raising awareness and capacity building

The IIU is mandated by its Terms of Reference to raise awareness on GCF integrity standards to all stakeholders involved in GCF-related activities including its staff, Accredited Entities, and implementing entities. The IIU helps build capacity of its stakeholders so that they are well equipped to prevent and detect fraud and corruption in GCF-funded activities and projects.

The IIU also establishes close working relationships with corresponding bodies of Accredited Entities to facilitate cooperation where required.

Global partnership

As mandated by the Board, the IIU actively participates in relevant networks of integrity units to ensure that it is at the frontier of practices and that it benefits from initiatives undertaken by international communities.

Conference of International Investigators (CII)

A community of practice and the professional body that sets standards for investigative offices in international institutions to which the IIU is a registered member.

United Nations Representatives of Investigations Services (UNRIS)

A network of integrity offices of UN agencies to which the IIU is a registered member.