The Independent Integrity Unit investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct, and other Prohibited Practices in GCF-funded activities. Anyone is empowered to report in good faith and without fear of retaliation.




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02 Jul 2024

IIU Engages in a G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Side Event in Paris


20 Jun 2024

IIU Participates in the 21st International Anti-Corruption Conference


01 May 2024

IIU discusses anti-corruption strategies with former EIB Deputy Head of Investigations


22 Apr 2024

IIU and IRM engage GCF stakeholders in a capacity building workshop


11 Apr 2024

IIU Partners with the International Anti-corruption Academy to Develop a Module on Climate Change and Corruption


27 Mar 2024

IIU Holds Introductory Session at Recent GCF Regional Dialogue

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