The Independent Integrity Unit investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct, and other Prohibited Practices in GCF-funded activities. Anyone is empowered to report in good faith and without fear of retaliation.




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09 Dec 2022

Message of the GCF Executive Director for IACD 2022


09 Dec 2022

Message of the GCF Independent Integrity Unit Head, a.i. for IACD 2022


23 Nov 2022

IACD 2022 at GCF

Press release

11 Nov 2022

GCF IIU to launch integrity-led civil society partnership in COP27 side event


01 Nov 2022

IIU introduces its new ad interim Head, Albert Lihalakha


31 Oct 2022

Message of IIU Head Ibrahim Pam as he ends his term

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