Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum 2nd Plenary Meeting

30 May 2023

  • Event type Events organised / involving IIU
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 30 May 2023
  • Location Virtual

In this plenary session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the progress made by the new Forum and contribute to shaping its future plans. Updates on the ongoing working groups focusing on Following-the-Money and Land Corruption will be provided. Additionally, two new working groups will be launched:

  1. The Open Data in Environmental Corruption working group, led by TRAFFIC, aims to explore and facilitate the utilization of open data for analyzing and exposing instances of environmental corruption.
  2. The Corruption in Climate Finance working group, led by Transparency International with the support of the Green Climate Fund, aims to delve into the ways in which corruption poses a threat to climate efforts and foster the exchange of strategies to address related issues.

The language used throughout the session will primarily be English, with interpretation services available in Spanish.

There will also be a thematic networking space facilitated by experts in the field.