GCF Integrity Forum preparations underway as IIU concludes regional consultations

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 26 Jul 2023

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the pre-Forum consultations for the forthcoming GCF Integrity Forum. The virtual consultations, held on 17 and 24 July 2023, were divided into three sessions for the Asia-Pacific, Latin-America, Caribbean, and African regions, bringing together GCF Direct Access Entities to facilitate an open discussion about the integrity challenges faced by DAEs.

A total of 45 participants engaged in group discussions to identify and prioritise integrity challenges and practices. The consultations also served as a platform for sharing best practices and recommendations.

The discussions from the pre-Forum consultations will inform the agenda and discussions for the upcoming GCF Integrity Forum, set to take place from 13 to 15 September 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information about the GCF Integrity Forum, visit the event page.