IIU 2019 in Review

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 28 Jan 2020

As we turn a fresh page into the year, the Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) takes a moment to look back at 2019 before marching into a new decade of safeguarding climate action.

Reinforcing the GCF Integrity Framework

In 2019, the Board adopted three key integrity policies and procedures as follows:

Managing Integrity Risks in GCF Operations 

The IIU established an Integrity Risk Assessment Framework (IRAF) to assess the effective implementation of integrity policies across all GCF-funded activities. Assessed based on a range of data existing in the GCF, it evaluates the levels of integrity risk for GCF projects or programs which in turn enables the IIU to maintain consistent, live oversight and identify where integrity risks may be occurring.

Information Session

19 February – Ahead of the twenty-second meeting of the Board, IIU hosted an information session on GCF integrity standards for staff, Board Members, Alternate Board Members, and their advisors. The course was well-attended and provided an opportunity for information sharing and cross-learning.

Building up the Team

The IIU welcomed four new colleagues to the Unit. Building up IIU's capacity are Junior Investigators Qun Helen Zhang and Evgeny Ten; Integrity and Compliance Officer Sanjeev Narrainen; and IT Forensic Investigator Albert Lihalakha.

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Projects

23 May – The Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM) and the IIU jointly organised the session, "Preventing Sexual Abuse in Projects: Learnings from the World Bank" where the Chair of the World Bank Inspection Panel, Imrana Jalal was invited to speak about preventing sexual abuse in projects and to share her insights.

Joining Hands with Accredited Entities

This year, the IIU signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Attijariwafa Bank, the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), the Landbank of the Philippines, and the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT). The scope of the agreement includes information-sharing, undertaking joint investigations and collaborations, as well as capacity-building support with the Accredited Entities' counterpart integrity offices. The IIU has signed 11 MoUs with Accredited Entities as of this writing.

Commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day at GCF

09 Dec – GCF marked the day by sending a message of solidarity to raise awareness on the negative impacts of corruption on climate action.

IIU at COP25

11 Dec – In collaboration with the Adaptation Fund (AF) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), the IIU held a panel discussion during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, Spain.

Kickstarting the First GCF Integrity Forum

16 Dec – The IIU successfully launched the inaugural GCF Integrity Forum in Madrid, Spain. With the theme "Strengthening Climate Finance Integrity to Promote Climate Action", the Forum is a first in a series of capacity-building outreach programs by the IIU. The event gathered integrity professionals from 22 Accredited Entities of mixed modalities to discuss and share implementation strategies and best practices, and to develop partnerships among peers. 30 organizations are represented in the Forum.

What's Next for the IIU?

In 2020, the IIU is positioning itself to respond to the upscaling of GCF project implementations and disbursements as well as the first replenishment process. The Unit will continue to build on the work by prioritising response to investigations, monitoring of the implementation of integrity policies, establishing the GCF administrative remedies and exclusions framework, conducting proactive integrity reviews, extending capacity building support for Accredited Entities, and spearheading initiatives for awareness-raising and training.