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[IIU at COP27] Civil Society Partnership: Integrity in Climate Action


Green Climate Fund Independent Integrity Unit COP27 Side Event

Civil Society Partnership: Integrity in Climate Action

15 November 2022
0930-1100H, Egypt (UTC+2) / 1630-1800H, Songdo (UTC+9)
GCF-GEF Pavilion, Area C, P122 of the Blue Zone

Civil society plays a crucial role in promoting the agenda of transparency and accountability in implementing climate-financed projects. This side event will bring all major stakeholders to discuss the integrity challenges of facing climate projects on the ground and will chart the way towards the development of a CSO Partnership Strategy.

Attend on-site or watch the live stream:
GCF-GEF at COP27 Side Event - IIU

Image Credits: ADB/ADB; Karen Toro & Pramod Kanakath / Climate Visuals Countdown


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