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International Anti-Corruption Day 2021: Statements of the GCF Executive Director and the Head of the IIU


Statement of the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day

Every 09 December, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day, a day designated to commemorate the adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and to highlight the rights and responsibilities of all in tackling corruption.
Corruption and climate change have a lot in common. They both affect the most vulnerable segments of the population and erode development gains. Fighting corruption contributes to defeating climate change. Preventing corruption is our shared responsibility and GCF will always be committed to zero tolerance for corruption. Every action to fight corruption is a step forward for climate action.
Anti-corruption and integrity safeguards are critical elements in the response of GCF to increase finance for mitigation and adaptation, optimise climate impact, and ensure that the benefits of climate action will reach vulnerable communities.
Embedding a culture of integrity, accountability, and transparency protects climate action from corruption. GCF takes its duty of care through its accountability mechanisms and by extending capacity building to GCF Accredited Entities as well as implementing partners to strengthen their defense against corruption.
The culture of integrity at GCF promotes efficient investment risk appraisal and management, active reporting, and whistleblowing to address problems and rapidly develop solutions. This is made possible by implementing comprehensive policies for second level due diligence for project development and implementation, for whistleblowers, and for ensuring protection from retaliation for those who speak up.

Executive Director
Green Climate Fund



Statement of the Head of the Independent Integrity Unit of the Green Climate Fund on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day

Celebrating International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) every 09 December is a yearly reminder of the enabling role of the Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) in cultivating a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity at the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Our collective mission of anti-corruption is central to realising the ambitions of GCF.

The staunch determination and drive of GCF to scale up climate finance demonstrates its commitment to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement and achieve effective climate action as swiftly as possible. IIU firmly supports this direction by ensuring that corruption will not undermine progress and that accountability and transparency are built into the foundations of our operations and the bedrock of our core values.

IIU supports the goals of GCF by working with and building the capacities of our implementing partners through a combination of innovative proactive tools and a robust policy environment that safeguards climate projects from corruption and other Prohibited Practices. Through strategic partnerships and by leveraging technology, GCF is at the forefront of promoting integrity in the international climate finance space.

IIU likewise commits itself to creating a safe and trusted environment for speaking up against corrupt practices, and to reliably enforcing policies that protect whistleblowers. Our shared duty to report and zero tolerance for corruption are vital in ensuring integrity in climate action. Anti-corruption is our shared responsibility – our right and our role to say no to corruption.

As we observe IACD in solidarity with the international community, the IIU calls for every individual to embrace a culture of integrity, advocate for transparency and accountability, and to commit to our right and responsibility to say no to all forms of corruption.

0% Corruption will always mean 100% Climate Action.

Head of Independent Integrity Unit
Green Climate Fund