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Thematic Brief: Enhancing Integrity to Avoid Maladaptation


Integrity and good governance in climate adaptation projects are the cornerstones of successful projects for ensuring that funds are used for their designated purposes and enabling adaptation.

This Thematic Brief reflects on how adaptation projects may result in maladaptation from the integrity perspective, which either heightens the expected climate-related risks or creates a new set of additional risks.

Objectives of the Thematic Brief

  • To examine the issue of how corruption and integrity failures may heighten the risk of maladaptation and to lay the framework for a better approach to ensure integrity in climate adaptation financing and project development and implementation.
  • To highlight the importance of adopting preventive integrity measures in reducing the risks of maladaptation.
  • To encourage further discourse on the relationship between maladaptation and corruption and to support policymakers, decision-makers, and other actors involved in climate adaptation finance to take informed actions that strengthen integrity measures across the adaptation project cycle.

Cover Date: 04 November 2021                Document Type: Thematic Brief