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  • Video date 08 Mar 2022

Corruption and climate finance

This session explores a wide gamut of integrity risks in climate finance. Topics covered include maladaptation and how corruption and weak governance disrupt the availability of climate finance.

Featured on the panel are Ibrahim Pam, Head, Independent Integrity Unit (IIU), Green Climate Fund (GCF); Rennie Valladares Alcerro, Head of Integrity and Compliance, Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and Dr. Michael Nest, Consultant Researcher, U4 Anti-Corruption Research Center. The session was moderated by Dr. Ulric Trotz, Former Deputy Director & Science Adviser, Caribbean Community Climate Change Center.

Held on 07 December 2021, this event is part of the Caribbean Conference on Corruption, Compliance, and Cybercrime (3Cs) hosted by the Office of Integrity Compliance and Accountability of the Caribbean Development Bank.