• Video type IIU video
  • Video date 08 Dec 2022

Corruption and Maladaptation of Climate Financing: Lessons for the Caribbean

On 08 December 2022, the IIU participated as a presenter at the 2022 Caribbean Conference on Corruption, Compliance and Cybercrime, a virtual event hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank.

Climate financing is often limited; corruption and weak governance can obstruct its practical use. The Caribbean countries are especially vulnerable to these issues and face integrity risks in delivering climate financing and implementing climate adaptation projects.

In this video presentation, the IIU sets the context on the impact of corruption on climate projects and how integrity is a critical tool in scaling up climate action. The IIU also provided a snapshot of GCF's financing commitments to the Caribbean and Latin American regions. The IIU also outlined the GCF's Integrity Framework and the tools utilized to prevent maladaptation. The presentation concluded with a call for global collective action to prevent corruption.


Mr Malcolm Geere, Development Director (UK), Caribbean Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Officer
Ms Valerie Isaac, Coordinator, Environmental Sustainability, Caribbean Development Bank
Mr Albert Lihalakha, Head, a.i. Independent Integrity Unit, Green Climate Fund