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  • Video date 18 Nov 2022

How corruption affects climate change

Various corrupt practices, such as fraud, bribery, undue influence, illegal campaign financing, and political and regulatory capture, are common in policies and sectors such as energy, forestry, agriculture and livestock, and transportation.

Although corruption undermines mitigation and adaptation efforts, it is still a rarely debated topic by actors in the climate field. In this session, we will discuss the multiple connections between climate and corruption, including solutions and synergies between the UN Convention against Corruption and the Paris Agreement.

Transparency International Brazil

Izabella Teixeira – Co-Chair of the UN Environment International Panel on Natural Resources and Minister of the Environment (2010-2016)
Sanjeev Narrainen – Integrity and Compliance Manager at the Green Climate Fund
Laura Waisbich – Senior Researcher for the Climate Security Program at the Igarapé Institute
Renato Morgado – Program Manager at Transparency International -Brazil

Event Details: 11 November 2022, 1600H (Egypt Time)
Venue: Brazil Climate Action Hub, COP27, Shark El-Sheikh, Egypt

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